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    Engine Rebuild

    Engine Rebuild

    The assessment, cleaning, reconditioning, replacement of parts that are not functional or have worn out, etc. all fall under Engine rebuilding services. We, at Ryan Tyres & Batteries, are keen to provide you with a car engine that is fully functional and won’t be the reason your car breaks down somewhere in the middle of the road and leaves you stranded.Car Diagnostics-We have latest equipments and scanners to communicate with the engine management system of your car.

    We provide a number of different services at Ryan Tyres and Batteries. We can recondition/rebuild and repair all engine types.

    Our team of mechanics with 40 plus years of experince in this industry carefully identify the existing problem with the engine and replace the parts that are not working and hampering the performance of your vehicle. The engine is like the heart of a car and if that stops running, your car is nothing but a stagnant machine. Hence, bring your car to us for regular engine health check-ups and we will provide you with complete reports and the next solution.

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