Car Tyres in Penrith

Tyres is a very important component of your car or truck because they represent your only contact between you and the road surface. Drive with bald or faulty tyres and you run the risks of accidents and injuries. On average, you should replace the tyres every 40.000 km. Irrespective of distance travelled, you should change the tyres if the thread depth is below a safety level. You can also buy car tyres in Penrith for your cars by visiting our online store.

Many consumers don’t know anything about tyres and they don’t have any knowledge about purchasing the best tyres. We stock one of the largest ranges of automotive tyres in Australia to suit all budgets and driving styles.

From premium tyres to mid-range and budget tyres. We also provide all terrain tyres in Penrith. All our tyres are competitively priced to ensure that customer feels happy about the deal. Positive customer experience is at the heart of the company’s core values and to this end, we consistently engage with our customers.

Buying new tyres can be a tough job as most of us do not know how to pick the right tyres for their vehicle. Right tyres are the one that suits your car and helps in improving its effectiveness. Before you plan your purchase, you must know what to look for in your tyres. You can reach us if you want to buy car tyres in Penrith.

Tips To Choose Perfect Car Tyres

  • Product Warranty: This speaks a lot about the quality of the tyre. It gives a sense of security, so you must read all the clauses in the warranty statement.
  • Reputation – Check and buy from licensed shops selling car tyres of reputable brands only.
  • Manufacturing date– Before purchasing a new tyre, be careful to look for the manufacturer’s date.

If you are looking for a certified car tyres shop in Penrith, contact Ryan Tyres today! You can buy all-terrain tyres in Penrith by visiting our online shop.

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175/65R14 82H AUSTONE

$72.00 (Including GST)

175/65R15 84H AUSTONE

$83.00 (Including GST)


$92.00 (Including GST)

175/70R13 WINRUN R380

$66.00 (Including GST)

185/55R15 AUSTONE SP801 82H

$85.00 (Including GST)

195/50R15 AUSTONE SP801 82H

$82.00 (Including GST)

195/50R15 HANKOOK K415 88H

$121.00 (Including GST)

195/55R15 85H AUSTONE SP 801

$92.00 (Including GST)