Warranty and Refund Policy

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    Generally, all our products are covered by their manufacturer’s warranty.

    Warranty On Tyres-Decision is made by the Supplier(Manufacturer)

    At Ryan Tyres and Batteries we guarantee the quality of all the tyres we supply and install for the life of the tyre. Should you discover a manufacturer’s fault after the purchase we will send it to supplier for inspection and if it is manufacturing defect found by the supplier(Manufacturer) will replace your tyre free of charge.The decision is made by the manufacturer(Supplier)

    If the tyre tread is worn more than 10%,will replace the tyre on a pro-rata basis (for example, if a tyre is 40% worn,we will cover 60% of the cost of a replacement tyre while you will only pay 40% of the cost). Any claims on tyres when received has to be reported to us with in 7 day(s) of delivery. Ryan Tyres does not cover shipping and handling charges on all warranties both to and from customer. Ryan Tyres will cover all expenses to send the product to the supplier once the product reach our store.

    Orginal tax invoice should be shown when applying for warranty

    • Tyres which become unserviceable under the following circumstances are not covered by this warranty:
    • Road hazard injury (e.g. a cut, snag, bruise, impact damage or puncture, whether repairable or not);
    • Incorrect mounting of the tyre, tyre/wheel imbalance or improper repair;
    • Under-inflation, over-inflation, improper maintenance or other abuse;
    • Mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment resulting in uneven or rapid wear;
    • Tyres fitted to or used with incompatible or improper valves, rims or wheels;
    • Vehicles which are carrying loads or running at speeds higher than the load and speed index marked on the tyre sidewalls;
    • Tyres purchased second hand, this includes tyres fitted to used cars and imported vehicles, without proof of purchase;
    • Improper storage;

    Warranty On Wheels-Orginal tax invoice should be shown while applying for warranty

    All wheels sold by Ryan Tyres and Batteries are covered by 1 year warranty to the original purchaser from the initial purchase date.if there is any manufacturing defect within a year it will be send to the supplier(manufacturer) for the decision to be made

    Wheel Alignments and Wheel Balancing-Orginal tax invoice should be shown

    We offer a guarantee for wheel alignments for 7 days from the date of service.

    On Road Legality

    When the wheels and tyres on a car are changed, this can alter its legality on the road. It is the vehicle owners’ responsibility to contact relevant road and traffic authorities prior to the modifications being undertaken to see if they are permitted. Ryan Tyres is not liable for any legal issues that may arise with the purchase and installation of wheels and / or tyres.

    Cancellations and Return

    We do not accept any returns after 14 days from invoice.

    Any cancellations will incur a 25%-40% restocking fee, Freight charges are NON refundable if products have been sent, all freight is paid by the customer.

    Any special order products cannot be returned.

    Guarantee On Fitments

    If any products are delivered and do not fit, we will gladly cover all transport fees and replacement fees except if the car has any aftermarket modifications (upgrade brakes, lowered suspension, etc). Please specify any modification to our staff while ordering to confirm fitment. Ryan tyres is not responsible for tyres scrubbing on guards, if you have any problems, we recommend to roll the guards. Fitment complications have to be reported to us with in 7 day(s) of delivery.

    Terms and Conditions of Guarantees:

    Ryan Tyres will repair or exchange (by the manufacturer’s decision) the product or service if it becomes defective within the warranty period.Ryan Tyres will bear the reasonable expense of claiming the warranty, freight charges at customer’s expense.

    This warranty will no longer apply where the defect is a result of alteration, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect or where subsequently repaired or modified by an unauthorised service agent.

    The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or normal service life.

    Please retain your invoice as proof of purchase and contact Ryan Tyres and Batteries You can also contact us on (02) 47048160 or alternatively, visit www.ryantyres.com.au. Warranty claims can be addressed to our store Ryan Tyres and Batteries,Unit 1/27,Phillip street,Kingswood,Nsw-2747.