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    Steering & Suspension Lift Kits Installation

    Steering & Suspension Lift Kits Installation

    Installing a brand-new suspension lift kit can be one of the most exciting things you can do to your vehicles. These are some of the most heavily modifiable vehicles on the market and with a suspension lift kit you can increase its overall height for a more powerful aesthetic, better tyre clearance, and improved handling and off-road performance. Contact us if you want to install steering and suspension in Penrith. We have 20 plus years of experienced suspension specialists to do the job to perfection.

    See us about Shock Absorbers,   4WD Lift Kits,   Lowering Springs,   Coilovers,   Swaybars,   Leaf Springs   Super Pro Suspension Bushes   or any other of your vehicle needs. Whether you would like us to repair your vehicle or you are just looking to buy some parts, just ask our helpful team for details and our competitive prices

    A lift kit can help with:

    • Adding more ground clearance to allow for installation of bigger tyres and wheels
    • Allow for greater peace of mind when driving off-road
    • Improve the ride quality of your vehicle
    • The throttle seems to be sticking

    Suspension lift kits are perfect for off-road drivers looking for more ground clearance, bigger tyres, and better performance capabilities. Suspension kits will also add an aggressive appearance to your vehicle. It is then incredibly important that this is done correctly, as it can greatly affect your driving capabilities if you are not properly prepared or rush the job. Give us a call to start planning your lit kit installation in Penrith.

    Control arm bushings usually consist of an outer metal sleeve, a durable rubber or polyurethane bushing, and an inner metal sleeve. Control arm bushings are important for driving comfort and handling. They cushion the suspension system which in turn controls noise and vibrations, and also provide a softer ride over bumps.

    When you suspect an issue with the control arm bushings, or the suspension in general, take your car in for inspection immediately to avoid further damage. The steering wheel is one of the eminent features of the car. Reach us if you want to install suspension, coilsprings,strut, leaf springs or liftkit in Penrith.