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    Highly Qualified Clutch & Gearbox Repair Expert in Penrith

    Highly Qualified Clutch & Gearbox Repair Expert in Penrith

    Clutch And Gearbox

    When your car is slipping through gear changes it may be time for a clutch replacement. As a mobile mechanic we can work on your car and provide clutch services in Penrith. A clutch is integral to getting your car moving and working properly. While it’s possible to drive a manual car without the clutch, it can be difficult to start and almost impossible to change gears. Therefore, you’ll either be driving slowly or not at all. We also provide Gearbox services in Kingswood. Contact us now if you are looking for clutch service in Penrith.

    How to Tell If You Need a New Clutch?

    Here are the most common warning signs of clutch failure. If you notice any of these, you should book a clutch replacement at a garage near you. A qualified expert will be able to diagnose your problem and present the best solution.

    • You Struggle to Change Gear
    • Your Car Won’t Move
    • The Clutch Makes a Horrible Noise
    • here’s a Burning Smell

    Our expert mechanics are capable of repairing and rebuilding all makes and models of manual or automatic gearboxes including European cars, and will also repair your worn-out clutch.

    Our organization offer gearbox services in Kingswood. Our service includes repairing & conditioning of all types of gear boxes. These services are rendered by professionals as per the requirements of customers using advanced tools & techniques.

    Why Use Transmission Services In Penrith?

    • Established in 2009 we have built our reputation on good workmanship
    • A wealth of experience in the industry
    • Links with all manufacturers – we can source any parts
    • Fully equipped workshop, highly trained technicians

    If you think you are having issues with your clutch, it’s best to bring it to a mechanic who can run a diagnostic test and help you pinpoint the problem. Call us for a Quotation for your Clutch Replacement, Transmission services in Penrith and Gearbox services in Kingswood

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