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    Brake Services

    Brake Services

    Do you require a longer runway than a jet to stop your car on the road or at your destination? If the answer is yes, your brakes need urgent repairing.

    Pop in for a Free Brake Inspection & Diagnosis with no obligation to purchase.

    You can call now and book a brake fluid change  which starts from $99

    How do I know if my brakes need checking?

    • If you hear grinding noise when applying the brakes.
    • If your brake pedal vibrates underneath your foot.
    • If your car pulls to the left or right when braking.
    • If your brake pedal feels “spongy”.
    • If your brake warning light is on.

    Why should I check my brakes?

    • Brake fluid should be changed approx every 2 years.
    • You should check your brakes at least twice per year.
    • It’s obviously very dangerous if your brakes are not working properly.
    • Your vehicle could fail its REGO.

    What will our technicians do when testing the brakes?

    Our experienced technicians will initially measure your brake pads using a brake pad gauge. They will also analyse the brake discs , which measures the thickness of the disc and we will advise you if any replacement is required.

    We can repair and replace most car brakes including discs, pads, callipers, hand brake cables and drums

    Brakes should be regularly oiled and checked by professionals to prevent any unforeseen accidents due to brake failures. Regular brake and clutch repairs ensure safety on the road and can safeguard you from the inconvenience of semi-functioning or slow brakes. Don’t wait for brakes to fail, book your vehicle’s brake check up.


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