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    Blue Slip Vehicle Inspection Service in Penrith

    Blue Slip Vehicle Inspection Service in Penrith

    What’s a Blue Slip?

    A Blue Slip is a safety inspection report issued by Service in Penrith to prove that a vehicle has passed the required roadworthy, design and identity standards for registration. You will need a Blue Slip in the following circumstances:

    • Interstate transfers,
    • Vehicles that have run out of registration,
    • Vehicles that have been imported.

    Ryan Tyres and Batteries are RMS registered service to provide blue slip for your light vehicles. You can reach us for blue slip service in Penrith.

    Blue slip requirements

    A blue slip involves an inspection of your car’s tyres, lights, fluids, suspension, seatbelts, brakes and checks for any leaks. A similar inspection is done for pink slips, but a blue slip inspection is more thorough. It also involves an identity check which ensures that the vehicle or its parts are not stolen.

    Your vehicle must also be up to its manufacturer’s standards. You can find this in your vehicle’s guide, or if none was provided, by a simple search of your vehicle’s make and model on the Internet. We provide blue slip in Penrith for cars and trailers. Visit our Blue slip station today!

    Blue Slip Checklist

    Once you book your appointment for a blue slip inspection, make sure you do the following:

    • Clean the vehicle’s interior and make sure there are no loose items.
    • Give the vehicle’s exterior a good wash.
    • Ensure your vehicle has enough fuel as the examiner might have to drive your vehicle for up to 10 KM to check everything is working well.
    • Bring all documentation and proof of identity and purchase.

    Necessary replacements of parts and repairs can be done at the garage by our mechanics. We never suggest unnecessary parts’ replacements, you will receive only genuine services here at Ryan Tyres & Batteries. Contact us for blue slip service in Penrith.